May 20, 2012

Been cooking up a storm, but...

Such an opportunity I've missed! I've been cooking virtually every meal my Beloved and I have eaten since March 30th, and not one have I documented here. Shame that. Perhaps I'll change that, now that I've got a bit more time to devote to this blog.

On March 29th, my Beloved tore his Achilles tendon off the bone. (The medical term for tearing the tendon off the bone is "avulsion", by the way.) He had surgery to repair it on March 30th. It's a same-day-discharge kind of surgery, so he came home that evening, and my stint as Chief Cook and Bottlewasher began in earnest the following day, as Beloved started six weeks of no weight-bearing on the operative leg.

For various reasons - healing, overall health, weight control, and because it's how I eat - my Beloved switched (or got switched) to the Paleo way of eating pretty much overnight. There was some bread in the bread bin, but once it was gone, it stayed gone. And he didn't even squawk about it, really; the reality check of having to haul his entire body weight around using primarily his upper body strength, and the spectre of the possibility of Type II diabetes were strong motivators, I guess.

It's been seven weeks now. He went from a plaster/fiberglass cast to a walking boot/air cast two weeks ago, and can do a lot more for himself now that he can put weight on the operative leg. He has lost weight. We don't know how much, because we haven't put him on the scale. But the fronts of his dressing gown overlap by at least six inches more than they did the first week post-op.