May 12, 2010

Chocolate Cobbler?

Golly Moses, this sounds delicious! My Granny's Chocolate Cobbler, from Tasty Kitchen.

Yes, I know it doesn't quite sound "healthy". Even though the ingredients are all pretty standard kitchen staples. But I still say it sounds delish.

And it's reminding me of a long-ago dessert my mom used to make, called Half-Hour Pudding, which was also self-saucing. I might have to dig that recipe out some day. Some day when we have company over for dinner, because My Beloved is not a dessert man. (Standard response to the offer of dessert is, "I'll have a dessert beer".)

He doesn't read books, and he doesn't like dessert. Which makes him a bit of a mutant in my family. I don't think I knew either of these things before I married him, oddly.


  1. Holy crap. I am SO making that. It looks pretty straight forward too, which is key for a cooking simpleton like myself. I blame you for any future waist band issues.

  2. I know, doesn't it sound great? Report back after you've made it, please!