May 1, 2010

New Horizons in the Grocery Store

I shopped in an aisle of the grocery store I'd never been in before, today. The organic bulk section. I bought red and green lentils, more couscous, and quinoa there.

If my Beloved had been there, he'd have been asking slightly panicky questions about what I was planning to do with those things. Fortunately he didn't feel the need to come, because he's going to be out of town this week anyway, so had no stake in the groceries this week.

I had a super-healthy cartful today: lots of fresh fruit and veggies (how many kinds of onion does one household need? All of them!), a bit of bulk stuff, and some yogurt and some cheese. It was so nice to shop according to my list and preferences and be done in half the time it takes when Himself comes with. When he comes with, he's always hurrying me out of the produce section, and then likes to go up and down all the inside aisles, where the fizzy drinks, chips (crisps), crackers, and other snack foods are kept. (I know I'm no saint where food is concerned, but if I never drank another Coke or Sprite (diet or regular) or ate another potato chip, I honestly would never miss it. And I hate spending money on such garbage, and I resent that it takes up space in my pantry.)

Planning meals is always easier when Himself is out of town. I'm planning to try at least one, maybe two, of the meatless meal ideas I recently harvested from my LiveJournal friends. Starting with tuna-stuffed red peppers, because in cleaning out the fridge today (before shopping, for a change), I discovered that I have four red peppers, and two each of yellow and orange, that need eating. :)

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