May 16, 2010

New tools

No, I don't have a cookbook stand yet. However, I mentioned it to my Beloved, and he (I think) agreed to pick me up one when he's in England in September. (I'll be on a cruise to Alaska with my girlfriends from high school.)

Last weekend, we made that Indian feast, and discovered that we needed a sauté pan in a size between our go-to nonstick huge vat of a frying pan and our karahi pan. (Gratuitous images, because I can.)
So this weekend we went to our favourite kitchen shop, Gourmet Warehouse, to see what we could do about that. They were having their first annual "We Never Have a Sale Sale", so of course we could have done a lot of damage to the credit card were it not for the store being so crowded. Made it hard to get near things sometimes. But we did come away with this lovely sauté pan.
Lovely, right? I know. This means I have the right pan in which to make that risotto I'm so keen to try. :)

We also added one more decent knife to the block. Which means I can cut pretty much anything now. Fear me.

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