May 11, 2010

I thought of a use for an iPad!

I've been in the "but what would I use it for?" camp since the iPad was launched earlier this year. Because I have an iPhone (on which I already read books) and I have a laptop (on which I do everything else), so... what would I use an iPad for?

And I finally thought of something. For cooking! Let me 'splain.

I have an iPhone app called "How to Cook Everything". It's an interactive cookbook thing based on the cookbook(s) of the same name by chef Mark Bittman, who I'd never heard of before My Beloved showed me this app. This app is also available for iPad.

I have begun tracking recipes that people send me or that I find online, in Evernote. Which is online and also an app for the iPhone. And iPad.

Now, an iPhone is a pretty teeny screen to be reading recipes from, especially since you need both hands for cooking and don't usually have a spare clean one for picking things up to read them. And a laptop... well, it takes up counter space, and I don't have a lot of that to spare. But an iPad... that's about the right size. And you can zoom to make the text bigger so you can read it from across the room. So all that's needed is a way of getting it up off the counter to (a) keep it out of harm's way, and (b) make it visible from a distance, and bammo, there's a fantastic application for an iPad in my house.

I was telling My Beloved this in the car this very morning. And today, on one of the cooking blogs I follow, they posted a picture of the very situation I was visualizing! Pegboard isn't my first choice, but some kind of a wall-mount situation (or even a strongly magnetic one, for use on the fridge) is pretty much what I had in mind.

So, that's one possibility for the next time I have a few hundred dollars spare. Beloved is dead keen to get one, so maybe I could try this theory out on his first. :)


  1. Wait, wouldn't a magnetic wall/fridge-mount mess with the electronics of the iPad itself? Or maybe the iPad is resistant to such things? I don't know.

    But heck, that's a pretty clever idea in general :)

  2. Yes, you've spotted the flaw in my design. I was just thinking of what would be most convenient in my own kitchen, because I don't have anyplace to put pegboard... How about something that you could hook over the top of a cabinet door, to keep the iPad at eye level? Hmm! Or - similar idea - something that hung the iPad on the side of the fridge but the magnets actually cling to the TOP of the fridge! Huh? Huh? Good, eh? :D

  3. Hmmm...why don't you just get one. And then figure out where you can put it :)

  4. Heh. Well, because I'm still not convinced that it's actually necessary to my happiness. Maybe a decent cookbook stand would do. :)