May 4, 2010

Success: Beef and Bean Chili

Had a really great workout tonight, and came home to a dinner I've been looking forward to since I made it on Sunday.

A fresh green salad for a crisp counterpoint to the spice of the chili, a bed of wild rice to complement the protein of the beans, and a little sour cream and cheese to cool some of the jalapeƱo heat. It turned out really well, if I do say so myself (and I do). I needn't have been so afraid of the heat, really; it's nothing like as hot as I feared it would be. Next time I'd put in all the chili powder and both jalapeƱos.

It was fantastic to be sitting down to a fresh, healthy, homemade dinner (that wasn't pasta with sauce from a jar) within 20 minutes of getting home, and that includes the time it took me to unpack the gym bag and change out of work clothes into hangin' out at home clothes. Most of the prep time was spent tearing lettuce. Sweet.

I'm going to have to start making my own salad dressings, I think, because I just read the label and discovered that sugar is the second ingredient (after water) of my favourite salad dressing, Litehouse Poppyseed dressing. I'm sad, because I really like it. But it also contains ingredients that violate the rule "don't eat food that contains ingredients you can't imagine growing in nature". So when the current supply is gone, it's gone. *sigh*


  1. I love your blog template! I also like the sound of that meal. I like the sound of anything that is fresh, tasty and can be made quickly. There are some great salad dressings in the Rebar cookbook. You need a million ingredients, but they're healthy, tasty and last ages.

  2. If you Google "Blogger Templates", you'll find loads of them. I needed something more interesting than the standard ones. :)

    Now I need to look into the Rebar cookbook!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I feel a template change coming on. The Rebar cookbook is excellent. It's veggie...but really tasty and westcoast. I have made/adapted loads from it.