May 27, 2010

Cheese, please!

This is what reading foodie blogs does, you see; it points up your every ignorance and inadequacy in all things kitcheny. At first, I lapped up the tips and tricks and knife skills demonstrations along with the recipes - that's the stuff I came for, after all. But this last week has been full of food-storage revelations.

First there was that clear-out of the pantry cupboard that unearthed canned goods that were on the Ark.

And then I learned that I had been storing my potatoes and onions wrong. All my adult life.

And then yesterday I learned that I'm storing my cheese wrong, too. Mind you, so is everyone else I know. And everyone I buy it from. But, dude. There's a special paper for cheese storage. Who knew? I've only ever seen paper-wrapped cheese in specialty cheese shops. In England. Where apparently they have a better class of cheese-eater.


  1. Yikes. Maybe I need to stop buying those $25 blocks of cheddar then... Oops.

  2. Oh, yes, that's the paper it comes in when you buy cheese at a proper store i.e. anywhere that sells cheese but a supermarket. This includes market stalls.

    Around these parts, anyhow. Wouldn't know about Canada :-)

  3. Apparently I need to start patronizing a better class of cheese shop.

    Or move to Europe. :D